Ainhoa Salcedo Couture

Ainhoa Salcedo Marbán was born in Valladolid in 1985. Discover your passion for sewing at the young age of 9 years in the workshop of the nuns of the National Shrine of the Great Promise of Valladolid while forming in drawing and painting techniques in the studio of the artist Nela Prieto for 5 years. At 15, he begins a strong education in the world of design and painting taking classes with painters Cuca and Milos of Valladolid during this period began to create their own clothes.
Enter Baccalaureate noted for their artistic skills in design manuals artistic and technical design and sculpture. During this time works for organizing Films Europe for brands like Etam catwalk (lingerie), Azar (shoes) Azahar (girlfriends), ... He combines his senior year in high school with the integrated pattern design and fashion design at the School of Fashion Canovas del Castillo, Valladolid. 2006 -2007. School belonging to the San Juan Elvira workshop Brides.
In 2007 Ainhoa Salcedo decides to launch a study in Rome's high fashion career developing his technique of moulage in L'Accademia Internazionale d'Alta Moda ed'Arte the Costume KOEFIA, ending with a note 9.2 of court. Fausto Sarli and works with Gattinoni, two of the greatest designers of Italian haute couture and with them a working knowledge of Italian runways.
In 2009 he moved to Barcelona with the desire to know the art of masculine tailoring and continue with their projects of women's fashion by performing two masters in a year: Pattern and Scale Industrial Women and Men in the School of Design and Fashion Felicidad Duce. In the same year Ainhoa Salcedo opens its couture signature in a small workshop in Barcelona shared with Laura Calvente with great success. Gaudí Brides works both as knowing the 080 and the catwalks of Barcelona.
He debuted in CREAMODA, Bilbao Exhibition Centre with its collection "Absolute Femininity" and after the success, decided to develop a larger extent of men's clothing and moving in the International Fair of Valladolid and the SME Gateway Chamartin, Madrid.

From 2010 established its headquarters in Haute Couture "Ainhoa Salcedo Couture" between Valladolid and Madrid continued their creations, collections and gateways.
Her designs are delicate, detailed, unique and reflect her training in painting, architecture and sculpture with incredible volume and movement. Very complicated patterns that highlight the female form using drapes, pleats and brocades. The performance of male garments denotes a light Italian style creating a European man and world.
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