Show Room - Gateway: the best for the future couples
Valladolid. September, 2014
On September 27 you have a magical and different Jaramiel arrived at Hotel where your attendance is important because you are part of our event. The event will bring together all providers in one place you can witness how each works. Do not miss this opportunity, join us now and live the experience. Must go elegant. Women and men long or cocktail dark suit.Sponsors:Hotel Jaramiel, Judith Moreno Fotografía, Ainhoa Salcedo Couture, Mario Villate, Catering Gaonera,, DIVA. Estética Integral., Paty Gordy Tiedra, Momentos WP, Graficas Jumisa, El Tejar Decoración, La Giralda de Castilla, Scratch Events, Vinos Eresma, El Taconeo Flamenco, Peñafiel Comerdist
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