Ainhoa Salcedo, fashion designer of Castilla y León’s runway.
Burgos. October, 2018
Ainhoa Salcedo, haute couture’s designer; presented her collection the last Tuesday 8th of Octuber at Castila y león’s runway. A timeless collection, inspired by oriental porcelain dolls. All the pieces of the collection have a huge explosion of color and printered flowers and a very feminine style which is a sign of identity of the brand. The next Thursday she will show her proyect called “ La Couture” at the “Concurso de emprendedores de Castilla Y León” which provides a sum of 8.000€ to the winner. Her proyect is about bridal shops with their own manufacture in Spain. It started at Zamora, a village of Spain. The main idea of the proyect is create several points of sale in Spain. The proyect, predicts a hundred of employment opportunities in the same Autonomous Community and also open a factory in the rural environment . The fashion designer remarks: “ I will do it even if I do not win, because I believe in the proyect and I could confirm that the shops are working although it would be very helpful the money of the prize to open the next shop, probably in Galicia. The designer adds that she bets for Zamora because there is a lot of talent in this place ant it is being lost, so it is necessary to get the city be reborn so maybe young people choose stay here. I always considered that people from Zamora are very stylish and they are dared with fashion. The shop which opened in 2006 attracts customers from all Autonomous Community and even Portugal. It also has their own workshop at Valladolid and a second shop in Vitoria that was chosen by the same reason that it has explained before. Ainhoa participated at Gasteiz On’s runway this Octuber and we could see her at the red carpet of Valladolid’s film festival 2018 called SEMINCI. Ainhoa Salcedo Couture is a brand primarily creative, different, observant of actual society, pro active and committed with customers and workers. With and young profile, developed during the crisis. It is growing slowly but strongly exceeding all the changes of society and taking every opportunity as if it were the last one.
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